To create environmentally friendly, technologically advanced, cost-effective solutions. 

To break down complex problems with continual and habitual innovation. 

To act with a strong sense of responsibility for society and the environment. 

To collaborate closely with leaders and authorities to create safer, more sustainable marine environments around the world. 

And above all else,

To Preserve Life. 


Global Marine Enclosures set out to tackle one of the most divisive community issues: how to protect swimmers from sharks. We started with nothing but a belief: a belief that swimmers must be protected, a belief that current practices were crude and unsustainable, and a belief that there had to be a better alternative. 

Global Marine Enclosures is above all else an innovation company, with an insatiable desire for improving the technologies that may save a few human lives or an entire marine species.  

We work with government leaders, not against them. We understand there is no single solution to shark mitigation and respect choices made to protect human safety, as well as those to leave the environment alone. We aim to work with all government leaders and organisations to show that our barrier technology might allow them to achieve both aims (safety and environment) in a cost-effective manner.