WA Premier Colin Barnett Opens the Quinns Beach Swimming Enclosure

A Swim With The Locals 

The Aquarius Barrier attracts a variety of fish and marine life. The algae that grows on the barrier is a rich feeding ground and creates an ecosystem for marine life. We took a swim around the Middleton Beach Swimming Enclosure to document some of the amazing marine life found.

The Strongest Shark Barriers In The World

The Aquarius Barrier and the Bionic Barrier are the strongest shark barriers on the market, with a breaking strength of over 7,000kg. 

We ran a few simulation tests in the factory with a shark impact and lifting a number of cars. The only problem was we couldn't find anything heavy enough to break or damage the barrier section. Watch the video below.


The Aquarius Barrier was installed in Albany in March 2016. The following documentary was made to showcase the process of installing an eco-friendly shark barrier at the beach.