The Bionic Barrier has unique one-way hinges that allow it to adapt to sea height. The Bionic Barrier automatically adjusts to tidal fluctuations, swell and seabed movements. 

The hinge system reduces material fatigue that is common in static ocean structures. Watch the animation at the adaptability page.



The Bionic Barrier is very versatile. It is the first barrier of it's kind to be designed for sheltered beaches, exposed beaches, and surf breaks.



The Bionic Barrier is a very strong enclosure that is designed to withstand the full force of a shark impact. The Bionic Barrier has a 7,300kg horizontal breaking strength.



The Bionic Barrier is very durable. The enclosure is made from a UV Stabilised, high-impact polymer. Importantly, the enclosure can remain in the water all year round and endure all weather conditions (see Extreme Weather).

It has an estimated lifespan of 10 years, with a full warranty of 3 years on barrier components.