Installation Begins On Shark Barrier for Lennox Head

Work has begun on the Aquarius Barrier for Lennox Head after 6 months of diligent planning and preparation. The Aquarius Barrier was selected for trial by the New South Wales Department of Primary Industries in December 2015. Eco-friendly shark barriers have been successfully installed in Western Australia but up until now the technology has not been trialled in large swell surf beaches. The Aquarius Barrier has advanced the technology to a stage where it is suitable for these conditions. 

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The Aquarius Barrier at Lennox Head will be the first eco-friendly barrier in the world to be installed at an exposed surf beach. We are very confident and will monitor the progress closely over the coming weeks and months. Although it is a trial, it is by no means a 'hope for the best' scenario: the entire project and the barrier design is based on extensive knowledge and experience in structural engineering and materials. We have gone to great lengths in research and development to ensure that the barrier is qualified to perform in its environment. 

We will continue to post updates throughout the installation process and over the course of the trial to inform the public of its performance. 

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