Helicopter For Lennox Head Shark Barrier

Consistently large swells and strong winds have made the installation of the Aquarius Barrier at Lennox Head extremely difficult. To get the project back on schedule, we came up with an innovative and very effective method of installing the concrete blocks: using a helicopter. 

For the 650m Lennox Head Aquarius Barrier there are 21 concrete blocks to install, each weighing 2.4t. Floating the blocks in the large swell and shallow water proved too difficult, so other options were explored to improve the process. It was decided that using a helicopter to lift the blocks would significantly speed up the installation process. The pilot found the correct GPS location and released each block into the exact position. 

The helicopter managed to complete the installation of the blocks in under 3 hours, compared to at least 3 days in good weather for installing with the commercial work vessel.

There was a very positive feeling in the local Lennox Head community who were pleased with the progress made. Many locals gathered at the beach to watch the excitement of the helicopter at work.